Christmas Stocking giveaway

december stockings 015


I’ve been busy embroidering more little Christmas stockings as I have another craft fair on Saturday, Clutter City at Norwich Arts Centre.   These are a perfect size for filling with simple Christmassy gifts such as some walnuts, chocolate coins, a couple of small oranges and some brightly wrapped chocolates, or for those expensive gifts which are all sparkly and come in tiny boxes.

I’ve also put some into the folksy shop.


december stockings 008


These make me think of nice Christmas’s that I had growing up with my sisters in rural Suffolk in the seventies.  One year me and my younger sisters all got dolls and doll cradles, that Christmas night we sat together around our Christmas tree with all the house lights off and just the fairy lights on, wearing brightly coloured dressing gowns (the sort that made our dad always say “blast, girls get away from the fire”…..they’d get scorchy really quickly) and we sang “Away in a Manager” and “Little Donkey” while we cuddled our dollies.  It sounds really silly but for me that was one of the nicest Christmas memories I have of my childhood and it makes me get all misty eyed when I remember it.


december stockings 012


These little stockings come  in two sizes, the slighter larger size is about 1o inches from top to heel and then smaller size is just over 8 inches from top to heel.


december stockings 001


Both sizes are fully lined with a re-cycled rainbow striped fabric and have velvet ribbon loops to hang up above the fireplace or they’d look sweet tucked at the foot of someone’s bed all ready to be found Christmas morning.


mini stockings giveaway 005


I would like to offer a lucky reader one of my hand embroidered little Christmas stockings.

If you would like to enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling me what was the nicest thing you remember about Christmas when you were small.


december stockings 018


This giveaway is open until 7pm UK time 15th December.  I’ll draw a name out on Sunday evening.

Due to postal costs I can only send things to a UK address, so this is a nice way overseas readers can send a surprise gift to a friend or family member who lives in the UK.

Good luck xx


december stockings 027


Sorry, this giveaway is now finished.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Stocking giveaway

  1. When I was 6 years old, I came downstairs on Christmas morning and there was a doll’s house waiting for me. It was wonderful, with a big box battery that powered lights inside – and was filled with wooden furniture and all the walls were wallpapered – it was the most wonderful christmas present I’ve ever had. Another memorable Christmas was the one when my 3 younger sisters – the eldest of the 3 was the naughty ringleader – had got up really early and opened ALL the Christmas presents that were under the tree – even the ones that weren’t for them – mum nearly had a fit!!!!!

    1. That made me laugh so much…I thought oohh I did something like that when I was little…then I realised this was written by my big sister…I’m so so sorry Nicky….I just got far too excited by presents xxx

  2. Hi Ericka,
    First of all I would like to say that I absolutly love your work. I am a friend of Estelle and I am always in admiration of all the things you make for Maggie and Elisa. So much attention to details for such beautiful objects!
    For my best christmas memory:
    I grew up on a farm in france and on christmas morning we had to wait for my parents to come home from milking the cows before going downstairs and find the presents… of course we never did! and from around 6 in the morning onwards we use to sneak downstairs and have a look at the presents. Then my brother, sister and I went back to bed together to have a chat and try to guess which present was for who… The most exiting time was to hear the milking machine stop… The time for opening presents was so close then.. I loved that moment!

    1. Hi Paule,
      Well I’m totally jealous, I would have loved to have grown up on a farm….I can imagine you all shaking and poking presents before getting back upstairs.
      Maggie and Eliza are such sweeties…you should ask Estelle about when Maggie cuddled Bernard’s tummy!

  3. What beautiful stockings and other pieces – everyone always admires your hot water bottle cover when they visit! My favourite memory of Christmas was as a very small child creeping downstairs to find mum and dad putting up the Christmas tree and letting me and my brother come in and eat mince pies and have a tiny sip of port whilst they finished. It was a magical moment and such a happy memory.

    1. Hi Robbie….my parents used to have little glasses of something too which they only seemed to have at Christmas and yes, we’d also be allowed a tiny sip.
      Thank you for the lovely comments

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