A simple stocking and a ladybird book…..

Christmas Dec 2nd 019


A few years ago I began making embroidered Christmas stockings as gifts for friends and family before I then started selling them.

I like gifts with a theme and popping things into a stocking that are based around a hobby or particular interest makes a more unusual gift than just some randomly bought pre-packaged gift from the high street.

I’ve still got the first sewing book I was ever bought (and yes I’m showing my age as I had that “vintage” book brand new) which was published by Ladybird books, however you can often find them, maybe not so much nowadays in charity shops but certainly in shops specialising in vintage items.

There were loads in this series and they make lovely gifts either for friends (who are of a certain age), or for children,  especially if you then use the book as a starting off point for something fun to do over the holidays.

Titles to look out for in the Ladybird 633 series include Learn about Sewing, Learn about Crochet, and Learn about Knitting, and there are some very prettily illustrated books in the 536 series especially British Birds and their Nests, and The Ladybird book of  British Wild Flowers, which would be nice with either a bird feeder and some bird food, or some packs of wild flower seeds.


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