Warm, wooly and wonderful

warm and wooly 003


Last week I ordered some wool from Jamieson’s of Shetland, I could very easily have purchased a ball in every colour…..and with Jamieson’s they really do have every colour and then some.  However I managed to control the urge to go wild (such self control is very hard) and stuck to my list (sort of).  Firstly I  purchased some wool for my crocheted flower posies (you can see them on my glasses cases but I also make them as little brooches), the large balls were on sale so I was very happy.  The middle ball is Leprachaun and it is the most fantastic bright green I have ever seen…it never fails to cheer me up when I use this, and I do intend to make a shawl or something warm to wrap around at some point using this wool.  The other green is their Granny Smith and and the yellow is Scotch Broom.


warm and wooly 008


And then I bought some wool which I’m planning to use to make gloves for my two younger sisters….don’t get any ideas that I can knit fingers…I can’t….I’m thinking of something very simple, with just a gap at the side for thumbs to poke out if need be…  I made myself some a few weeks ago with some beautiful hand dyed wool and they make me feel a bit like a stroppy teenager with pulled down jumper cuffs.  However they are very handy to wear when my hands are cold but I need to rumpage in my purse or text or pick berrys, and best of all, they really do keep my hands incredibly warm.  The darker colour is called Foxglove and the blue is called Twilight.  I bought a few balls of each so there will be enough to knit their gloves (calling them gloves makes them sound oh so much fancier than what they are) and then there’ll be a little left over so I can make matching posy brooches for them.


warm and wooly 001


I love using Jamieson’s wool, the quality is really good but their range of colours is just mind boggling……if I was a millionaire (or a just very rich lady) I think I’d ring them and say “oh just send one of each…..all the colours are beautiful and they have some that are so beautifully flecked that the wool almost seems alive (in that when you look at a colour in nature it always has so much happening as opposed to normal flat colour dyed wool).  They sell shade cards which are a real joy to look at (lots of oohing and ahhing will occur when you show these to anyone who has an appreciation of beauty), but they will also help your choice be most accurate as the colours in reality can look so different on a computer screen.

I’m also using Brittany knitting needles and their absolutely brilliant crochet hooks….(when I’m crocheting on the bus I use Clover soft touch ones in case I  accidentally sit on them…I am pretty talented at things like that) but at home it is the Brittany hooks I go for every time.  I have got a set of Furl hooks but I don’t know if it is just me but I find them very odd to use, I don’t have particularly large hands though my fingers are long and these hooks just seem swamped by my apparent “giant fingers”.  Maybe I’m just not used to them and they will become more comfortable….however I thought they looked lovely with the Foxglove and Twilight wool.





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