Quilt wrinkles and a snug little bug……

quilt olive 001


I’ve finished Olive’s quilt, and I think it is the “new” favourite quilt I’ve made (I say this every timer I  finish a quilt.)  I made a little quilt last year for the niece of the super talented Chloe Owens which was made from clothing from her numerous relatives and this quilt has a very similar vintage feel to it.

Once I’d finished all the sewing, I washed the quilt (even though the wadding is 100% wool this is fine to do as long as it is on a gentle setting)  and then let the quilt dry flat between two towels and it has wrinkled up a treat.   Hand stitching the quilting creates thousands of tiny gaps and it is these gaps that help create the wrinkles, and it’s the wrinkles that help to give a quilt that old time vintage look.


name tag and finish 006


I embroidered a small name tag to go on the back, nothing too complicated or wordy.  Just embroidered in back stitch over my hand-writing.


name tag and finish 012


Probably the nicest part of making this quilt was the lovely photo that Olive’s mum and dad sent me on Friday evening of Miss Olive herself with the quilt around her shoulders like a cape, she looked as snug as a bug in a rug, and extremely stylish too!


name tag and finish 009


(this is the name tag sewn into position before I washed the quilt, so the quilt hasn’t developed those vintage look wrinkles yet)


name tag and finish 017


Quilts just seem made for cuddles.  Here’s hoping Olive enjoys many years of quilty cuddles and snuggles with her toys.

I’ll be putting a listing for a “Miss Olive quilt”  into the folksy shop in the next few days if you fancy having one made for someone special.

I’m nearly always available for commissions so please feel free to contact me if you would like your own “Miss Olive quilt”.


5 thoughts on “Quilt wrinkles and a snug little bug……

  1. Ohhhh Miss Olive is a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful quilt to snuggle up in 🙂 …..and my latest baby quilt was for a little girl called Olive too… how spooky is that!

    1. That is pretty spooky…you’ll see I ended up buying some of the Tilda fabric to use as binding (although I did use a little of the birthday fabric for a couple of patchwork squares…) I love the Olive…and if spoken in the proper Norfolk accent it sounds like “our-love”…. no better name for a baby!

  2. You do lovely work. I admire your talent for hand quilting. I’ve never mastered the art. I agree that a quilt is more charming handstitched and it does give it a vintage look. Olive’s a lucky girl to have your special quilt to keep her snug for years to come.

    1. My secret for most anything is a bag of Werther’s Originals….. they seem to make everything easier! I was very fortunate to learn how to quilt by hand by a lady called Alison Farmer that I met through the Quilter’s Guild. Having her explain and show me what I was doing wrong (my first couple of attempts were a bit odd to say the least) was a lot better than trying to learn from a book, however I heartily recommend The Essential Quilter by Barbara Chainey, not as good as an actual person but very close. There is a fantastic collection of old quilts at The American Museum just outside Bath which is very inspiring, but you know, some of the quilting when you look at it close up isn’t perfect, but the quilt looks beautiful and would have still kept someone warm at night…and at the end of the day…isn’t that what a quilt really is for?

      1. I agree Werther’s Originals does make for a more enjoyable and successful everything!
        It’s so wonderful to have someone in person to mentor a new skill.
        Alison Farmer must be a good teacher because your quilting is great.

        I like a few imperfections in crafting, I think it gives the creation character. I’m a big fan of character. I like most any craft better when I think of it in that sense.

        Thanks for the book suggest. I’m going to go look it up.

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