Pinning and needle-ing….and Grayson Perry

pinning and sewing the binding 006


After back stitching the binding on the front of Olive’s quilt I am now in the last stage of sewing the binding over to the back.  This involves lots and lots of tiny pins holding the binding into place.


pinning and sewing the binding 005


I was lucky enough to receive a huge box of Wonder Clips from Clover last Summer and I think they are the bees knees when it comes to sewing hexagons together (I used them when I made the hexagon wrap) and although I have used them before when I was binding some smaller quilts this summer, I’m getting better results using pins on Olives quilt.  This may be because the Tilda fabric I am using for the binding feels a slightly bit thicker than the quilting fabrics I usually use.


pinning and sewing the binding 009


The back binding is sewn with small slip stitches so hopefully you won’t be able to see them.  Having the binding and back fabric both grey helps make the stitches less noticeable.


pinning and sewing the binding 015


One finished bound corner…3 more to go.  I’m so pleased with how the grey compliments the colours on the front.

While I was sewing the binding I was listening to a radio programme by Grayson Perry.  He is the lecturer this year for the Reith lectures.  I think he is always brilliant to listen to  (and I love the sound of his voice…if only he narrated some audio books by Jane Austen I would be in seventh heaven) and these lectures are some of the best.

What he says about art and craft is really interesting… it was very thought provoking to listen to while I was sewing this quilt.  I’ve been to collage, I’ve studied art (the history and the application of…) I’ve also sewn (first learnt at Primary school I suppose and under the watchful and correcting eye of female relatives) and have spent many years “learning my craft.”

However, I don’t see my quilts as art in anyway though.  I wouldn’t want to see them on a wall, seeing them on a bed, or wrapped around someone providing warmth and comfort is to me the greatest pleasure.  I’ve entered quilts in competitions and exhibitions over the years, and providing titles and descriptions for those quilts is a complete headache.  One time I’d like to just write “I made this quilt to keep someone I love warm”  would that be enough?  It is for me.

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