Basting and binding for Olive…..

These are just a couple of sneaky early pictures of the quilt I’m sewing for Olive…. the light isn’t so good at the moment so apologies for the rather dark pictures.


basting and binding for olive's quilt 001


This is the back of the quilt, I’ve used a Lecien fabric in a very soft grey, the big green stitches are where I have basted the three layers of the quilt together (I prefer to hand baste my quilts regardless of size, I know some  people prefer safety pins or basting tags but I just prefer to do mine by hand. ) I’ve basted the quilt in rows that are 3 inches apart.   And you can see the start of the quilting,   I’ve quilted the patchwork in a diamond pattern which breaks up the squares on the front. I’ve used a grey thread to compliment the back fabric but which also suits the mixed colours on the front.  It seemed less harsh than cream (which I felt would be too much against the back fabric)

And I’ve used pure wool wadding (or batting) for the inside.  I’ve used this on almost all of my quilts and it is so lovely to use.


basting and binding for olive's quilt 007


I’m using a fabric by Tilda for the binding, I’ve cut it 2 1/4 inches wide and I fold it over an inch before I pin it to the quilt.  I know this is a more unusual width for binding but it is the size I prefer to work to work with.


basting and binding for olive's quilt 004


I’m back stitching the binding on the top layer of the fabric, only going through one layer of the binding fabric and all three layers of the quilt…at this stage I could kiss whoever invented the thimble!!


basting and binding for olive's quilt 009


Hoping to have the binding finished tomorrow morning and then I’ll be embroidering a tiny name tag for the back with Olive’s name.

I’ll be writing a piece about how I baste and bind in bit more in depth in the next week or so but for now just wanted to show what I am doing.


4 thoughts on “Basting and binding for Olive…..

    1. The fabric originally came in a few colour ways but yes, the grey really is very pretty. It isn’t a colour I would have thought suitable for a girl straight away, however I have completely changed my mind and think grey and pink, and grey and yellow really good combinations (expect to see some mini blocks in those colours soon)

    1. Seriously you have no idea how lucky I was to find this fabric, it is called “Flower Sugar” and was from a collection by Lecien a good couple of years ago. I really wasn’t expecting the shop to have any left but there was just enough to use as backing for the quilt….and when I say just enough….when I trimmed the quilt after quilting there was a skinny little 1 1/2 inch wide strip from one side, and that was it.

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