Presenting Miss Olive’s Patchwork…..

miss olive's patchwork 004


The patchwork for Miss Olive’s quilt is now all sewn together, it ended up being a smidge bigger than I first planned, so it now measures 10 squares wide by 14 long, ( 30 inches by 42 inches) but it looks better for having the extra length.


miss olive's patchwork 006


There is such a mixture of fabrics here, some lovely old pieces from my friend Sylvia, a couple of car boot treasures, and a fine selection from Sew and So’s.


miss olive's patchwork 011


Olive’s nursery is grey and her mum and dad wanted some extra grey fabrics incorporated into the quilt along with a little more pink, as the patchwork was sewn by hand it wasn’t too tricky to unpick a couple of the central squares I had already sewn and to add in some extra fabric in those colours…


miss olive's patchwork 017


Once all the fabric was sewn together it was time to press the patchwork before I could then baste and quilt it.  I turned the fabric over to the wrong side and began pressing along from the top.  It is a bit slow but the the seams are easy to push in to place before you press them..  Once it is all pressed you can see the  pattern formed by the seams as they lay first up then down.  I think this distribution of the seam fabric is one of the factors with what helps to make a hand sewn piece so soft and flexible.  (other factors are all the little gaps between all those thousands and thousands of stitches in both the patchwork and the quilting, and the constant touching and handling of the fabric as it is being sewn)

The quilt is now all basted and the quilting has began but until Olive’s mum and dad have the quilt I can’t really show any more pictures but I will be showing how I baste a quilt in the next day or so (no turkeys need worry!!)


6 thoughts on “Presenting Miss Olive’s Patchwork…..

    1. As always you are so kind, the quilting is coming along really nicely (though the fingertips are somewhat sore) I’m using a pretty lecien fabric (grey with a floral print) for the back (I often use plain American Muslin but the patterned fabric suits this quilt so well) and am quilting using a grey thread. Glad to hear you can’t wait to see the finished quilt as I want to show it off so badly , but just in case Olive’s mum and dad read this I sort of want them to see the quilt first.

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