A little red robin…..

A slightly different post today as this is about one of our favourite artists Dru Marland.


Dru is based in Bristol (home of my Arpette) and she paints beautiful scenes and renditions of local flora, fauna and local legends and stories.

Last year we bought a beautiful little book from her etsy shop, which she had illustrated, (actually I was expecting it to be a little fold out map… I didn’t read the description properly) and instead it was this lovely book featuring some gorgeous walks around Bristol Downs.  What was so lovely was that it high-lighted what to look out for at different times of the year, so was brilliant if you have small children and want to help them become more observant to the local wildlife, but I think it would be lovely to take out with you if you are a grown up too.  The book was written by Geraldine Taylor.  We bought it for the Arpette’s parents as they live in Bristol..

In previous years we’ve bought some cards featuring St Werburgh (on the back of the cards there was a story about her and the goose she resurrects) and also some lovely cards with a fox overlooking the city of Bristol.


This year Dru has painted this cheeky little fellow.   I think she has captured the confident, cheery characteristics of this garden favourite perfectly.  The cards are available in packs of 6 from her etsy shop.  The cards are really good quality and are beautifully printed.  In fact I think they would be just the thing to write those post holiday thank you letters on, receiving one of these in January when it’s all wet, gloomy and cold would be sure to brighten up anyone’s day.


Thank you so much Dru for letting me use your images from your blog.




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