Time for tea…..

tea cosies 007

I’ve just put a couple of tea-cosies into the Folksy shop.  They are both made from a soft blue vintage wool blanket and are hand appliqued with wool felt birds.

They are super thick as I use an extra layer of blanket fabric inside as wadding before lining them, so they really do keep a pot of tea hot until the last cup.

tea cosies 008

The birds on the cosies are made from pure wool felt, they’re sewn on by hand and then they are further embellished with hand embroidery and silver thread.

tea cosies 004

When the weather turns cold I like to fill a tea pot with a couple of spoons of honey, some lemon juice and then boiled water, using a tea cosy helps to keep this super nice and hot, and it saves me having to keep getting up to put the kettle on.

The books to the side are some of the Clothbound Classics from Penguin Books.  I’ve been collecting them since they started releasing them a few years ago and I really do love them, the covers are really beautiful and the paper is nice too (some of the nice fancy editions that seem to be appearing in shops lately have been so flimsy….. not impressed at all)

And a couple of Christmassy craft fair updates, I’m going to be at the Bungay Christmas Street Fair on Sunday December 1st, I’ll be indoors at The Fisher Theatre (much much warmer), and then on Friday December 6th, in the evening, I’ll be at The Curious Christmas Craft Fair at Norwich Castle.


4 thoughts on “Time for tea…..

    1. Thank you, you are making me get all bashful. I always get a sore throat in the winter (I’m quite a talker!) so a pot of honey and lemon is quite soothing as well as being warming.

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