Patchwork, cake and a crochet blankie…..

finished hexagons 004

Finally I get to say it ….. Ta-dah !!!!  The hexagon patchwork is finished, and it is all ready to be sent to my big sister (it’s her birthday today so Happy Birthday Nicky!)  It’s a bit hard to see what I’ve made from the photos, but it is a wrap for a ring-binder so she can keep all her quilting patterns together in a fancy place.  I actually finished sewing this about 8 o’clock last night so totally missed sending it in yesterday’s post but it will go first thing tomorrow.

We’d had tea and cake a few weeks ago and she told me that she really liked hexagons that are hand pieced but doesn’t have the time or patience to make them herself, so on the bus journey home I started thinking about what she’d said, and as it is a very special birthday I didn’t mind spending the time sewing all these hexagons together.  As I wrote in the previous post a lot of these fabrics mean a lot to me but I hope she will be able to recognise a few from things I have previously made her.

finished hexagons 006

Inside there is a pocket in the front and back so she can keep template plastic and such like in there, I’ve also embroidered a little message to her and have appliqued some hexagons inside (these are about the size of a 50p).

I really did have the very devil of a time sewing this, I couldn’t understand why it kept sewing up small  (I’m not mentioning the fact that I also managed to sew it all back to front…twice) I kept measuring all the fabrics and it all looked fine but as soon as it was sewn together the pieces would not fit.  Then I measured my measuring tape….. yeah, those lovely old cotton measuring tapes may look awfully pretty but they do stretch…try stretching a whole extra inch over 12 inches (what I thought was 12 inches was in fact 13 inches).  As I was then using a plastic rule and rotary cutter to cut the fabric out I didn’t realise that all my pieces were a whole inch too small.  Pants indeed.

finished hexagons 008

Anyway, I re-cut some new calico pieces, and then had to sew more hexagons on the patchwork so that would then be large enough (unpicked all those tiny half hexagons… and yes, there was a whole lot of swears) and it then came together fine.  Embroidering the birthday message was nice and relaxing  (I embroider a message on all my quilts so am quite used to embroidering over my hand-writing)  and the scattering of hexagons inside just brightened the calico up (I’ve dyed the calico with tea to give it a soft aged patina)

finished hexagons 010

I’ve made patchwork book jackets before for small notebooks, but then the patchwork was squares and it was easier, but I’m really pleased with how this has turned out, and fingers crossed, big sister Nicky will like it too.


After a whole day of sewing  yesterday, today has been a lot more active.  I was hoping to go sloe picking with the delightful miss Daisy, so was up with the lark (or so it seemed to me at any rate….I’m not one for actually getting up too early at a weekend) and made a cake, but then it rained so hard that sloe picking was cancelled.  Then the sun came out and the day looked quite nice, so I went for a good long walk with a couple of lovely Italian ladies that I met last week on the bus and who are lodging with one of my neighbours.  They have given me a recipe for Apple Grappa so think I’ll be making some of that to help warm the cockles over those chilly February evenings.

Needless to say, some of us (those of us who woke up at 5o’clock this morning requiring a tummy rub) are having a somewhat more relaxed day, and are just vegging on the sofa with a crochet blankie.

5 thoughts on “Patchwork, cake and a crochet blankie…..

  1. I love your hexie binder cover. You must have great patience to do the unpicking and resewing. The finished product is really gorgeous and vintage looking. The cat looks so content. What a great life.

    1. I’m patient with sewing but when I trying to do technical things then it is another matter entirely…also I couldn’t not unpick the half hexagons as the patchwork was too small and my folder wouldn’t fit inside. Thank you for your lovely compliments, I’m trying to sort out a tutorial (obviously a how not to do it wrong and spend half the day unpicking)….and we are sure Bernard is one of the laziest cats around x

  2. I absolutely LOVE it – thank you so much – the parcel was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday – thank you thank you thank you!!! 🙂

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