Let sleeping cats lay….

bedtime bernard 001


While I’ve been busy sewing small hexagons and making things for the Folksy shop, the sewing assistant has been taking it easy, now that the weather has definitely crossed over from an Indian Summer into a very English Autumn, he’s much more sleepy and much more cuddly.  At least there’s more space on the sewing table when I’m not having to share it.


hotties 001


I’ve been making more hot water bottle cosies not just for the Folksy shop , but I’ve also got some Christmas Fairs to get ready for.  It’s nice to handle the blanket fabric now there is such a nip in the air.  I’ve had to make a few long bus journeys lately and I’ve been able to crochet up lots of small flower blossoms on my travels.  And I bought the marvellous kitten statue the other week for the princely sum of 50 pence.  We always wonder what Bernard would have looked like as a kitten and now we know!


hotties 018


I can’t show any pictures of the hexagon project at the moment as that is for a birthday present needless to say the tips of my fingers are rather sore from lots of needle jabbing (my thimble wearing happens in fits and starts… I go weeks being very good and then all of a sudden I just can’t get on with them) and the air turns a little blue.  I’m using the Clover black applique needles which seem to be as sharp both ends of the needle.  Anyway, the hexagons themselves are nearly finished for which my fingertips will be most grateful.


hotties 010


I’m also working on some new items that I hope to show pictures of very soon, the pattern still needs some tweeking.


bedtime bernard 002tiny_bernardteeny bernard


But for some of us…. it’s still nap time.




4 thoughts on “Let sleeping cats lay….

  1. Ohhhh look at that handsome fellow!! Was so glad that I finally got to meet Bernard yesterday – he could share my sewing table any time he likes – although Jasper might not be so keen on having such a furry visitor to Foreman Towers 😉

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