Hand-sewing Hexagons

hexagons 004

Last Summer I made hundreds of these small hexagons.  I used some for various patchwork projects but an awful lot were swept up in to a tin and were then promptly forgotten about.  A few weeks ago I was thinking about a new sewing project  and I remembered all those hexagons.

hexagons 007

I really enjoy paper piecing hexagons, and I spent several days cutting out hexagons from a local “green” magazine (the paper thickness was just perfect)  however I wish that one of the big sewing companies would bring out a hexagon paper punch.  Even the art equipment companies don’t do hexagon ones which is such a shame.  I know you can buy packs of pre cut papers but I like using up paper that is due for recycling.  (And I would rather spend my money on fabric or good quality wadding than on pre cut papers)

hexagons 009

Some of the fabric is pretty old, pieces I have had for ages or which Sylvia has given me, other pieces are newer with reproduction prints.  There is a pink and white stripey piece from my Nanny’s bed linen, and a few pieces from the first quilt I ever made.

hexagons 010

I bought some vintage Italian sewing thread at the start of the Summer which I had hoped to use for patchwork, and although it is lovely quality thread it is actually a little too thick for sewing at this size so I swopped over to using some other thread, also rather old but it is silk, and is really strong and is like sewing with a spider’s thread, very fine.

hexagons 012

I’m trying not to repeat the fabrics where possible although I keep wanting to put in my favourite fabrics time and time again.  I really like sewing like this, especially when the fabrics are little pieces left over from things I made a long time ago.  Also it means I can listen to the radio.  The furry assistant did have a sleep on the table in the afternoon but is in disgrace as I realised he’d pushed off some fabric onto the floor and then I found hexagons on the stairs, so I was too cross to take his photo.

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