Sewing a stocking for Hania

hania's stocking 028


I’ve finished the stocking for Miss Hania in Norway,  it’s very bright and colourful, and has a purple velvet ribbon and bright pink pom-pom trimming.  I thought it would be nice to show pictures of the stages of embroidering the front of the stocking.


hania's stocking 001


Hania’s name has been written across the top with a water erasable pen, then I’ve appliqued on the little snowman and now I am crocheting his little scarf.


hania's stocking 009


The scarf has been sewn into position, and so has the Christmas tree.  Then it is time to decorate the tree with tiny felt “baubles”.  I’d like to blame the “nest” of embroidery floss on Bernard but in fairness, the loose threads do seem to tangle by themselves.


hania's stocking 012


Each bauble is sewn securely into place, and then I top the tree with a small pink felt heart.


hania's stocking 016


Next I embroider Hania’s name.  She likes the colour purple (which reminds me of a little girl whose favourite colour was amethyst and went by a secret, magic name of Diamond Tina).  I embroidered her name using a lovely and soft vintage tapestry wool.


hania's stocking 018


Then I embroider a selection of snowflakes in various hues of blue.  I draw the snowflakes first with the water erasable pen, and I also use a protractor which helps to keep the snowflakes at the right angle.


hania's stocking 020


Next it is a scattering of smaller, very simply embroidered lilac snowflakes.  I secure these at the back with a couple of shallow stitches to keep them in place.


hania's stocking 023


A close up of the rosy cheeked snowman, amidst the softly falling snowflakes.


hania's stocking 025


I couldn’t find any purple pom-pom trimming so I tried out various pink, cream and red trimmings before settling on a bright and cheerful pink.  The striped fabric was an old duvet cover which is what I have used to line the stocking.  It makes me think of peppermint sticks and sticks of rock from trips to the seaside.  I sew the trimming around the top of the stocking by hand, before attaching a piece of purple velvet ribbon, and then finally slip stitching in place the peppermint striped lining.


hania's stocking 031


A finished stocking, along side the stocking I made for Miss Saski, both are now waiting to be wrapped up and then posted to Norway. These are both medium sized stockings and I expect they will both have bulging seams come Christmas Eve.

You can find similar stockings in the Folksy shop.

The little rabbit in Hania’s stocking was a Christmas gift made by my friend Sasha.





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