A Snowman for Saski

a snowman for saski 002


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I was making a couple of Christmas stockings for two little cuties who live in Norway.  This is the first stocking which is being made for Miss Saskie.  I’ve appliqued a pink cheeked snowman from wool felt which is then hand sewn into place.  He has a tiny little crocheted scarf in a deep red wool.


a snowman for saski 006


This is the little pear tree that is laying to the side in the top picture.  The pears (the green blobby things in the top section of the tree) are just 2 cms so are pretty small.


a snowman for saski 011


I embroidered some snowflakes around the snowman, normally I embroider all the snowflakes at the end but he looked like he wanted some to play with.  A snowman without some snow just seems wrong.


a snowman for saski 013


My sewing table gets a bit messy with lots of strands of embroidery floss everywhere.  And yes, those are needles in my pin cushion, as soon as I’ve finished for the day they all go into a needle case, but while I’m working sometimes it is quicker for me to slip them sideways into a pin cushion.

So now there is a little partridge to sit in the top of the pear tree.


a snowman for saski 016


And this is a close up of the partridge in it’s little pear tree.  I’m not sure whether or not Saskie knows the song but I’m sure her dad can sing it to her…. it’s one of my favourite seasonal songs.


5 thoughts on “A Snowman for Saski

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. I love sewing the Christmas stockings so much, partly because I like sewing fiddly things (and these are fiddly) but I try to imagine the faces of anyone little who comes down stairs Christmas morning and finds one of these waiting for them, full of nice things. I’m going to be making some more for my sisters so will be showing lots of pictures of those as well.

  1. It looks really lovely. Can’t wait to see it here. Doing my best to stop Saskia catching site of it whilst I’m writing this!
    Just wish that you were coming up here for Christmas too.

    1. Thank you Adam (Saskia’s dad!) I’m so pleased you like it. And I hope you are looking forward to singing The Twelve Days of Christmas to everyone so Saskia knows why there is a bird in a tree on her stocking. And yes, I wish we were able to come for Christmas too (though heaven knows the sort of trouble Bernard would get into while we were away)

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