A wonky bottomed block

more mini blocks 024


These are the last of the patchwork blocks that I’d managed to get sewn up before the craft fair frenzy takes over everything else here for the next week.

This is a quite a simple little block called Hourglass, the green fabric with the tiny little roses was one of the fabric doubles that I had purchased when I hadn’t had my book.  I know I have written this now a few times but it is one of my favourite fabrics, it is so pretty.  I think it would be lovely for a Peter Pan collared blouse.


more mini blocks 032


This block is called Greek Cross.  The mustardy brown fabric was actually an old curtain that I’d bought last Summer from a local car boot.  There was enough fabric to make a Dirndl style skirt which I wear quite a lot and then there was enough leftover fabric to use in patchwork for quilts.  The skirt came out really well and I’ve been asked a couple of times where I got it from so I guess I must have sewn it right.  It was pretty simple to make and I used my own pattern.  I really like the Matryoshka fabric, with the little dolls being cats and mice as well as people.


more mini blocks 034


This is the last block, and I know it does look a bit wonky on the bottom, when I cut around my templates I was a bit generous in parts with the seam allowance.  All the blocks still have a 1/4 inch allowance all around so that is why some triangles look a bit longer.  By the time it is sewn to another block or has the sashing  it will be level and neat.  (I am still undecided about sashing)

Yesterday I wore a pair of mustardy yellow tights with red wedge shoes, which I thought looked great together.  The boyfriend however, on seeing the combination, said “…What are you wearing”  with a look of horror on his face.  Later on when we were in  town I was told by someone else that they looked marvellous which is what I thought too….

Anyway this is one of several blocks called Birds in the Air and there do seem to be a few blocks with that name.


more mini blocks 038


And here are the last four blocks together… I think my favourite is the one I’ve sewn as a homage to my tights and shoes!


2 thoughts on “A wonky bottomed block

  1. Darling – if you’re wearing red shoes, it doesn’t matter WHAT colour tights you’re wearing hehe!!! Last week I wore red loafers with a pair of purple tights and I really thought I looked the bees knees – sadly Mr F did not agree….. it must be a man-thing 😉
    Oh and I’m just LOVING your patchwork blocks too!!

    1. To be fair I was also wearing the dirndl skirt made from the pair of curtains, but I thought I looked fine, (actually a very nice lady told me she thought I looked marvellous so that totally made my day!!) I’m so pleased you liked the patchwork blocks. They are sewing up pretty fast as they are quite small, and using the bright colours is lots of fun. Making them has given me lots of ideas for other small quilts but I need to finish making things for Clutter City before I start doing anything with those ideas.

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