A trio of needle cases

needle cases 001


In between sewing the quilt blocks, I’ve finished off a couple more items for my Folksy shop.  These needle cases are made from a vintage floral fabric and then they tie at the sides with some ribbon which is itself of a certain age from my friend Sylvia.


needle cases 005


Inside there is a small pocket in the lining where you can tuck sewing thread cards or those flat white reels which you wrap embroidery floss around. (actually I tend to make my own now out of old  cereal boxes)  And then I’ve sewn in a piece of felted blanket which I’ve hand sewn with a blanket stitch so that the edges will keep secure and not fray)


needle cases 010


There is a little bit of wadding between the cover and lining so they are quite podgy little cases but they keep your needles nice and secure.  I know some people (mentioning no names….Sasha!!) put their needles into a pin cushion but after inheriting a pin cushion from my nanny which every time it was touched would produce out a hidden needle (generally into my finger) I prefer to use a needle case.


needle cases 015


I’ve put these in to the Folksy shop but will have more for Clutter City.

Sadly I had no furry assistant while I was photographing these.  He is fast asleep on the blanket (he really likes the smell of the wool and I just don’t have the heart to ban him from it) with a full tummy.


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