Glasses cases and a furry assistant

cosies for glasses 004


I’ve been sorting things out ready for Clutter City and also trying to take photos of items going into my Folksy shop.  (I’ve had a four legged assistant who has been very demanding…one tummy rub for each photo taken)


cosies for glasses 006


These are some glasses cases that I’ve made.  They are made from a beautiful deep apricot coloured wool fabric which is from the fifties or early sixties.  Inside they are lined with some equally aged velvet in either a harvest gold or a sage green.

On the front I have sewn a small posy of flowers which I’ve crocheted.  The back of the posy is covered with a piece of pure wool felt before I hand sew it into position.   I also make the posies as small brooches (inspired by those lovely little china flower brooches that are nearly always chipped around the edges), and as embellishments on coat hangers.


cosies for glasses 007


I used to just put my glasses on my night stand when I went to sleep but a certain four legged fatty has been known to swipe things and knock them to the floor so I found using one of these gave my glasses a little protection.  Also the velvet feels lovely and luxurious against my fingers when I put my glasses inside.


cosies for glasses 011


There was a slight distraction as a certain someone felt he was being ignored and decided to jump up on to the table and knock carefully balanced props all over the place.


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