Tippecanoe and a Calico Snowball

more mini blocks 001


Another four patchwork squares for my Dear Jane  inspired quilt.   Actually it has really become it’s own quilt, with eye achingly bright combinations of  colours and patterns.  I did worry (for about 5 minutes) that I was going too far away from my original source of inspiration, but then figured I am making this quilt for me and as long as I like what I am making then it really doesn’t matter.  After this quilt is made I would like to make one more in keeping with the Jane A Stickle quilt, with each block just being of one colour, but for now I am quite happy to use all the colours in the rainbow (and my fabric stash)


more mini blocks 003


This citrusy coloured block is generally known as Patience Nine Patch, although I am calling my little block “St Clements” because this colour way makes me think of the nursery Rhyme “Oranges and Lemons”.


more mini blocks 009


I’m finding that I keep using variations of the yellow and pink combination.  They aren’t colours that I would normally use together but they seem to work really well here.

This block seems to have a list of names as long as your arm including Ohio Star, Lone Star and Eastern Star but I think my favourite is Tippecanoe and Tyler too.  Wouldn’t that just make the best name for a children’s book.  I’m thinking Tippecanoe would be a little bit naughty and would probably eat all the biscuits and blame it on Tyler.


more mini blocks 006


Another yellow and pink patchwork block.  I needed a really busy pattern for the central octagon and I thought this print of The Three Little Pigs was perfect.  This block has a few names, Calico Snowball, Hour Glasses and Octagon amongst others.


more mini blocks 007


This block is called Roman Square.  It doesn’t look particularly exciting by itself, but when it is worked all over as a repeating pattern it really does come in to it’s own as a design.  After making a good dozen blocks I have started laying them out on the bed so I get an idea of what colours need to be added, and I  noticed the quilt top was sorely lacking in the greens so decided to address the balance by making this block a solely green coloured one.


2 thoughts on “Tippecanoe and a Calico Snowball

    1. Thank you, glad to hear you are enjoying the progress. Working small does mean that the blocks are pretty quick to sew together (and remembering as I type that, the block I had to unpick twice because I kept sewing part of it upside down!) I’m going to have to slow down a little as I need to concentrate a bit more on making things for various craft fairs over the next few months, but I think there will still be some patchwork blocks being sewn too.

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