All change for Cat’s Cradle

quilt block and design board 011


Sometimes when I have cut out the patchwork for a block and  laid it out on my design board, I’ll feel happy with my choice of fabric and colour.  I’ll go make a pot of tea, return and still think it is fine.  Other times I start to wonder if it is really working, and that is what happened the other day.  I’d cut out all the triangles and squares needed for this block which is called Cat’s Cradle, I really liked the contrast between the bright green floral and the delicate pink check, but then once I’d had a cup of tea (and a couple of biscuits) I began to change my mind.


quilt block and design board 007


I took the green away and replaced it with this bright orange polka dot fabric which in my head was the best combination ever, but after laying it out and stepping away, it just seemed to make the pink look too wishy washy.  (I’ve now got a very bright pink gingham to go with those orange spots which probably sounds awful but it looks incredible)


quilt block and design board 009


Then I found up the lemony coloured version of the check, I quite liked using the same patterned fabric but in different colours.


second set of blocks 008


Anyway I left the cut out shapes on the design board over the weekend and then went with the lemony yellow.  Some of the patchwork blocks I’ve made are really vibrant and I think a couple which are a little more subtle in their contrast of colours and tone will help to give balance to the finished patchwork.


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