Carrot and Elephant patchwork

orange and grey block 002


I like the combination of the carroty orangey and the elephanty grey fabric, I painted this block in these colours and then chose floral fabric for both colours.  Also this is a really light weight cotton similar to the Liberty Tana Lawn so I thought it would be ideal for sewing the central piece in this block where the triangles are quite small.


orange and grey block 007


I drew around my  plastic templates, making sure to leave a gap for seam allowance.  The “large” triangles are 2 inches long and the small triangles are just one inch long.


orange and grey block 008


I’m using a regular HB pencil to draw my lines, but I keep the point really sharp.  I draw two sides of the triangle first (one of which is the longer side) and then I carefully, “nudge” up my template so it is laying exactly over those two lines I have just drawn, all ready for drawing the last line, this helps me to keep my triangle the correct size as it is easy to add on extra with your pencil line.


orange and grey block 012


Then it’s just a case of some careful pinning and sewing the pieces all together.  I sew the tiny triangles onto the central square first.  Next, I sew all the triangles together to make squares.  Finally the squares are all sewn together to makes rows which are themselves sewn together to make the finished block.


finished block 002


So here is block number ten, Indiana Puzzle or The Carrot and the Elephant.


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