Painting and Patchwork

sketchbook and patchwork 003


I’m really enjoying sewing these little blocks.  At the moment my sewing table seems to be a riot of colour with open sketchbooks and stacks of brightly sewn blocks of fabric.


sketchbook and patchwork 006


Before I start randomly cutting out patchwork shapes, I draw out which blocks I find most appealing in a sketchbook where I then play about with colour to see which combinations work better.


sketchbook and patchwork 005


Drawing out the blocks a bit ahead of myself helps me not to sew up the same block twice.  I’m trying to stick to Nine patch blocks (there are over 1000 different nine patch blocks so I’m not really limiting my choice).   But it also helps me think about which combinations of colour I enjoy working with and why, and also is an easy way to try out combinations I wouldn’t turn to as a first choice.


sketchbook and patchwork 012


I liked the combination of orange and grey but when it came to cutting it out in fabric, it didn’t suit that particular block, so I used those colours together in a different pattern, and plan to make that block now in a grey fabric and a black/white patterned one.


sketchbook and patchwork 013


It’s interesting for me to see how the drawn painted block then turns out in fabric.  Originally I’d wanted this quilt to be blocks of plain American muslin and then one colour, but actually I’m really happy that the blocks have become their own little colour party.


2 thoughts on “Painting and Patchwork

  1. I love your mini block paintings. I draw mine up in a notebook but hadn’t thought of painting them. I might drag out my water colours from the back of the cupboard and give this a try when I start a new quilt. Thanks for sharing.

    1. To be honest if I don’t paint mine then I lose track of what I’m doing and some of the blocks are almost identical to others so painting them helps me keep on track. I also find it a lot easier to design my quilts with colour more than working in black and white. Hope you find it helpful too x

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