Autumn Bliss

raspberries 002


Our raspberries are doing really well this year.  We had quite a glut of them last year and I made raspberry jam, and I think the rate they are coming this year I’ll be making jam in the next day or so.

The variety we grow is called Autumn Bliss and they certainly live up to their name.  We were still eating freshly picked raspberries last October.  They start coming at the start of August but the first fruits often are gnarly and I just put them straight in the compost (actually I just throw them on the ground under the raspberry plants) but come September the second season of berries become ripe, they’re huge ,and are just delicious.  They melt on your tongue and are at once sharp and sweet.  We have them with yoghurt or with meringue and cream.  I’ve made Anne’s birthday cake with them on top before and that was a perfect combination.

No raspberry from a shop has ever tasted as good as a home grown one (in fact for years I thought I didn’t like raspberries), they are really easy to grow and I would recommend giving them a try.  Ours are about 6 years old now I think, we moved them from my old garden about 4 summers ago and they didn’t seem to mind the change of location.  This year they’ve  grown to about 7ft tall and are laden with fruit.  They are no trouble to move  and they sprout up like billy-o, so a small handful of canes quickly becomes a jungle.

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