Stockings for Norway

stockings for Norway 003


I’m currently making two Christmas stockings for a pair of cuties in Norway.  I’m using a beautiful thick cream vintage blanket, and the shapes are all sewn from 100% pure wool felt.  The finished stockings will be about 18 inches long so there will be room for three appliqued motifs on each stocking.  First I have a bit of a play to see which templates I want to use.


stockings for Norway 005


One young miss likes pink and the other likes purple, so I thought about appliquing  a stocking in their favourite colour (though I’ve just had an idea where there could be a “secret” present hidden in the little felt stocking, like a peppermint stick….hmmm not sure how well that would work but at this stage I am really playing about to see what works best), there are also two snowman  (how can you not have a snowman when you live in Norway… and for the record, the best ever snowman are those drawn in Calvin and Hobbes), a Christmas tree and a partridge in a pear tree.


stockings for Norway 008


I’ve written their names at the top of the stockings in a water erasable ink, this comes out really quickly with a spray of water once I’ve embroidered over the pen with tapestry wool.  I’m just trying out different placements for the motifs.


stockings for Norway 012


I wasn’t sure how well the partridge and it’s pear tree were really working, and living in Norway I wasn’t sure if the girls would know the song so I’ve made a little wool felt Christmas pudding.


stockings for Norway 014


And then I started re-thinking the stocking motifs so thought about a little Christmas bauble.  Sometimes, it seems deciding which motifs to use takes as long as actually sewing them in place.  Anyway, I’ve sent pictures of what I’ve done so far to their mum and she can let me know which she prefers.   I’ll be putting customizable stockings into my Folksy shop in the next few weeks.


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