Bear Paw and Nine Patch

mini blocks august 003


Have now completed hand-sewing together nine mini blocks for my quilt.  (If a quilt has to have a name then “My Quilt” will be the name for this one as it is the first one I have made for me)

I’m really pleased with how they are coming along, and put next to each other the colours all look so bright and cheery.  I still haven’t decided whether I’m going to finally sew them together like this or whether or not I’ll use sashing in between the blocks.  If I don’t use sashing then I’m going to need to make a minimum of 144 blocks as I want a good sized quilt, and a friend once told me “…..if you’re going to have one, then have a big one…” and I think this is good advice whether it is applied to quilts or portion of cake size.


mini blocks august 011


Block number eight is called Nine Patch.  It is lovely and simple to sew, and if you want to hand sew some patchwork rather than use a sewing machine, then it is a good place to start.  Also  the squares show off the pattern of the fabric really well so ideal if you have a fabric with particular pictures or motifs on.


mini blocks august 013


Finally one of my favourite blocks, Old Bear’s Paw.  I love the name of this particular block, it makes me think of bear prints in the snow, which I would love to find in the garden  but I can imagine the reality of that is a bit scary.  Once I’d sewn it together I was also reminded of the Princess Monoke film, when the Forest Spirit steps on the grass, flowers bloom in his wake.


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