The Cactus Bud and the Birds….

mini blocks august 018


Have finished sewing up another four little blocks for my quilt.  I’d forgotten how addictive making blocks was.  The fabric I’m using is a mix of reproduction prints of 1930’s fabrics, some contemporary patterns,  and some cotton fabric from the fifties or sixties which my friend Sylvia gave me.


mini blocks august 004


This block is called Cactus Bud.  The tiny floral print was a dolls dress that was torn and stained in part, but most of the fabric was fine.  The print is really really tiny and I wasn’t sure at first how well the two purple colours went together, maybe I should have used the darker colour where the lighter one is and vice versa, but I like it how it is.


mini blocks august 006


The various names for block two all seem bird related… Birds in the Air, Flock of Geese, Flying Birds, Flying Geese…… I know it as Birds of the the Air.


mini blocks august 015


I only had the smallest scraps left of the blue fabric with the polka dot diamonds on it, some of my templates were cut with the grain slightly off so when I pinned the pieces together I had to be careful not to stretch the fabric.  One of the names for this block is Fifty Four Forty or Fight which is too much of a mouthful for such a simple pattern, other names are Shoofly or my favourite Simplicity.


mini blocks august 016


This block is known as Snowball Variation.  The light green floral fabric was some from Sylvia and is one of my favourite fabrics…it’s just so pretty and such a beautiful shade of green.  It makes me think of grandma’s and old fashioned patchwork.



4 thoughts on “The Cactus Bud and the Birds….

    1. Thank you. It’s really nice making a quilt for myself, it feels a bit like a guilty pleasure but it’s nice to play around with the colours as I tend to like things in odd combinations which I appreciate aren’t everyone else’s cup of tea. I’m glad you like them : )

    1. Thank you Amy. It’s nice working small as it means I’m able to use fabrics that I only have small pieces of left. My favourite block is the first one I made, I really love the fabrics together.

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