Why I quilt…..or One for my Nanny

mini blocks august 009


This block is called Nine Patch Star, but for me it will be thought of as” One for my Nanny”.

When my dad’s mum became elderly she couldn’t really manage her stairs any more, so she decided she was going to have her front parlour turned into a bedroom.  She had to get a smaller sized bed as it was just a small room, but then she realised that all her bedlinen was now too big.  So between us we went through the pieces she wanted to keep using and we cut them down smaller, and then I hemmed and sewed the edges so they would fit the new single bed.  That was many years ago, and throughout all my clear-outs and sort outs of fabric I have always held onto the pieces of bed linen from Nanny.  I love using them in things I make as it makes me think of her.  I don’t have lots of it left now, and I really wanted to use some in this quilt.

This is one of the things I love about quilting, the ability to use up small pieces of scraps and to make them into something beautiful.  But also, some of those scraps of brightly coloured cotton hold such dear and cherished memories, it suddenly becomes more dear to me than the most dainty Liberty print.   I know every time I see this block in my finished quilt I am going to smile and think of my Nanny.  She was always quick to have the kettle on, there were always biscuits or some Mr Kipling cakes in a tin, and she always thought everything me and my sisters made, drew, sewed etc was wonderful.


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