Crocheting with colour

paperweight crochet colour planning 002


Last week I was showing a friend the Grannie’s Paperweight blanket, we spread it out on the carpet and she said that she couldn’t believe the amount of jewel-box like colour the blanket had.  She asked me how I had put the colours together and mostly I play about with the tapestry wool to see which colour way compliments another.


paperweight crochet colour planning 004


But I also paint up a few hexagons first in a sketchbook,  sometimes I reproduce the colours that I’ve seen together on a piece of fabric or in a print or painting.   This is also how I work when I’m designing patchwork for a quilt, often trying out umpteen different variations on a particular colour scheme for each block.   Sometimes I play around with just the wool or the fabric, but it’s also nice to just play with the paint and see where that takes me.


paperweight crochet colour planning 008


If I’ve woken early and no-one else is up I try to work quietly in my studio , my desk is dappled with first light shadows which by mid morning have gone.


crochet colourwork 002


Using tapestry wool for this type of crochet pattern allows me to play about with an incredible variety of shades and tones of  any one colour.  This helps me to keep each hexagon looking different.  But I think using wool also allows the colours to blend together really well.


crochet colourwork 005


I know I have favourite colour combinations and I have to stop myself constantly wanting to mix yellows… the lemony, custardy colours with cream, and I love teal and apricot together too, so I try not to make too many of those.  I think painting down some other colour combinations helps me to steer away from groups of colour that I’m more naturally drawn to.

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