Three Christmas Stockings

stockings in august 005


This weekend I finished the three Christmas Stockings that I had started a few weeks ago.  These are all made from a pale green vintage blanket,  I’ve appliqued wool felt motifs and then using a mix of tapestry and crewel wool I embroidered the snowflakes and the young lady’s names.


stockings in august 012


These stockings are about 34 cms long, and 13 cms wide, so they are just the right size for sweets, chocolate coins, clementines, maybe a couple of tiny presents.


christmas stockings for Bungay 007


I’m really pleased with my little snowman,  he’s about 8 cm tall (not including his hat).  His cheeks are made by hole punching the wool felt and then sewing the tiny circles of felt with one strand of embroidery silk.


stockings in august 011


The Christmas tree is a bit fiddly, the baubles of felt are all sewn on by hand but I’m always really pleased with how they turn out so I figure it is worth the effort.

I must admit, it does always feel odd to make these when it’s not Christmasy outside.  These will be delivered this week and then they’ll be tucked away til Christmas Eve.


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