Delighfully Dishy …… a tutorial

quilts and crochet outside 019

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not actually a very good knitter, I find it rather difficult and if I make a mistake I generally have to unravel the whole whatever it is I am knitting and start again.  Anyone who ever gets anything knitted by me generally knows it has taken a month of Sundays and much concentration.  But I really do love the act of knitting, and I try to knit as fancily as I can (desperately trying to cover up the fact I am not a good knitter.)

Anyway, this is a pretty simple tutorial for a dish cloth that I’m sure will help to make washing dishes that much less of a chore.  It’s a mix of garter stitch, stocking stitch and moss stitch in the middle.


A ball of knitting cotton (sometimes called craft cotton)

Knitting needles (I used 4mm Brittany Knitting needles)

Stitch markers (it gets a bit confusing when you are knitting the heart so I find these invaluable)

dish cloth and stacks of quilts 012

Cast on 47 stitches.  I use the thumb method as I find that quicker and a bit more easier

Row 1.   Knit

Row 2.   Knit…….. continue like this for the next few rows

Row 9.   Knit

At this point you’ve just made your bottom edge of garter stitch.  We now need to create an edge of garter stitch on the sides, so the central piece of the dish cloth is knitted in a lovely smooth stocking stitch.

dish cloth and stacks of quilts 014

Row 10.  Knit 5, Purl 37, Knit 5

Row 11.  Knit

Row 12.  Repeat Row 10

Row 13.  Repeat Row 11 ….. continue repeating alternate rows until you finish Row 26.

quilts and crochet outside 010

Now in the middle of that lovely flat stocking stitch you are knitting a raised heart in Moss Stitch.  It’s here that I find I really need to use the stitch markers so I don’t forget whether I’m knitting or purling.  I’ve marked the Moss Stitch in bold

Row 27.  Knit 23, Purl 1, Knit 23

Row 28.  Knit 5, Purl 17, K 1, P1, K1, Purl 17, Knit 5

Row 29.  Knit 21, P1.K1, P1,K1,P1, Knit 21

Row 30.  Knit 5, Purl 15, K1, P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1, Purl 15, Knit 5

Row 31.  Knit 19, P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1, Knit 19

Row 32.  Knit 5, Purl 13, K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1, Purl 13, Knit 5

Row 33.  Knit 17, P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1, Knit 17

Row 34.  Knit 5, Purl 11, K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1, Purl 11, Knit 5

Row 35.  Knit 15, P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,  Knit 15

Row 36.  Repeat Row 34

Row 37.  Repeat Row 35

Row 38.  Repeat Row 34

Row 39.   Repeat Row 35

Row 40.  Repeat Row 34

Row 41.  Knit 15, P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1, Knit 3, P1,K1,P1,K1,P1,K1,P1, Knit 15

Row 42.  Knit 5, Purl 11, K1,P1,K1,P1,K1, Purl 5, K1,P1,K1,P1,K1, Purl 11, Knit 5

Row 43.  Knit 17, P1,K1,P1, Knit 7, P1,K1,P1, Knit 17

Row 44.  Knit 5, Purl 13, K1, Purl 9, K1, Purl 13, Knit 5

dish cloth and stacks of quilts 022

You should now have a lumpy and bumpy Moss Stitch heart surrounded on the bottoms and sides by stocking stitch.

Row 45.  Knit

Row 46.  Knit 5, Purl 37, Knit 5

Row 47.  Repeat Row 45.  Continue repeating alternate rows until you finish Row 60

Row 61.  Knit

Row 62.  Continue knitting for the next few rows

Row 68.  Knit.

Row 69.  Cast off.

All that is left is for you to sew your ends in neatly.  If the dish cloth is a gift then it is nice to block it so it looks really square but if you are making it for yourself then I wouldn’t really worry about doing this.


11 thoughts on “Delighfully Dishy …… a tutorial

  1. This is hilarious! Really! I just learned to knit on Thursday and I made a dishcloth as well… with a stocking stitch in the middle. 🙂 I like your finished piece better. I never thought to attempt a border lol.

    1. I think most people who knit would find this a bit of a silly thing to make, my friend Anne is an amazing knitter…she can knit socks and gloves…. and I really wanted to knit her something nice, but I know my limits. I did have to unravel it all and start again (twice) as I had made a mistake, but I was pleased with how this one came out.

      1. The unraveling thing part sucks! I got past my heart and went with just the stocking stitch and then saw that there were 2 perfect holes in it. I have no idea how it happened AND I somehow had 2 extra stitches! I’m not sure how that is possible, but I had to frog it and then figure out how to get it back on the needle (there is a wrong way!). I don’t think it’s silly to play with dishcloths. I think it’s good practice.

      2. I used to knit on the bus (now I crochet as I stick my elbows out a bit far) and it used to delight some of the older passengers that I was knitting dishcloths (I think they thought I was a complete loon). But you’re right, practising stitches on a dish cloth is good, also the cotton doesn’t mind being un-ravelled too much. I am lucky because I’m friends with a brilliant knitter so if I do something disastrous then I show her, but there is a book called The Knitter’s Handbook by Montse Stanley which is good at explaining what to do. I can just about correct a wrong stitch with a crochet hook but whenever I’ve un-ravelled and put stitches back some are always a bit wonky and look like they’ve been to the pub. I’m planning to post some photos soon of a tea-cosy I’ve been knitting…..I think it will make you laugh as I had a bit of a disaster with the gauge.

      3. 😀 I’m excited to see! I spent ALL of yesterday trying to get a scarf right. I took the whole thing apart each time. You see, I have this idea that I have to do the seed stitch, the ribbed stitch, and the cable stitch all in my second knitted project. Without looking up a tutorial. Ugh! I finally got it last night and stayed up far too late to get 30 rows in. My aunty came over and showed me a new way to cast on (I unravelled again), that involves using an extra long tail. Do you do that? I’d love to see the tea cozy! Knitting makes me crazy. Lol

  2. How many rows are the garter stitch? 9 seems to be too many compared to the picture. Thanks for your help! Trying to do this for a gift for Valentines Day. ~Darby Logan

    1. Hi Darby, I’ve cast on using the thumb or long tail method just becasue I find that easier but don’t know if that then makes the first row of knitting look a bit different…you knit the first 9 rows and then start alternating purl and knit for the central square….

      1. Thank you Ericka! I cannot tell you how much I love your blog! I just happened upon it, and your sentiments about knitting are just like mine! I am looking forward to all you create in 2017! Happiest of days new friend. ~Darby

      2. Hi Darby, Thank you so much for your nice compliments….glad to hear you enjoy knitting so much too….I’m going to try and fit in a bit more sewing this year but there are plenty of knitty makes lined up for 2017 xx

  3. Ericka, that sounds great! I am a big sewer too, much more comfortable with sewing than knitting, but I am going to push a little this year to expand my knitting base! ~Darby ox

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