Granny’s Paperweight in stages……

After my post yesterday with the pictures of my Grannie’s paperweight blanket I thought I would just show some of the stages in making the Paperweight crochet…. I would like to say that this is only a very basic tutorial, for the best one I have seen please look here at Heidi’s which I think is really easy to follow.

how to granny paperweight in stages 003

I used a 4mm crochet hook and quite a fat tapestry wool.  Also, I sort out my tapestry wools a bit, so I have little freezer bags with different colour in each bag.

how to granny paperweight in stages 004

Join in the second colour.  I have an idea in my head of the effect I’m after, more the mille-fleur paperweight effect than an actual flower.  If you are of a certain age you may remember getting a quarter of “Fair-rock” from your local sweet shop (I have looked everywhere and those sweets seem to have gone the way of “Spangles”)…this crochet pattern makes me think of those beloved childhood sweeties so much.

how to granny paperweight in stages 006

Still using a 4mm crochet hook join the third colour.  I quite like blending these two colours. The second round being a little darker than the third.

how to granny paperweight in stages 010

At this stage I changed crochet hooks to a 3.25mm crochet hook.  The one I prefer is a wooden Brittany one which has a nice sharp point.  They are really pretty but I don’t like using them when I am travelling as they look quite delicate and am worried I will end up sitting on my bag and breaking them, so when I am crocheting on the bus I use the Clover Soft Touch ones.

how to granny paperweight in stages 012

When I’m making the fifth round I find I can use a slightly thinner tapestry wool, if you are able to find the “Penelope” brand then this is ideal…. their colours tend to be lovely and muted.

how to granny paperweight in stages 014

The hexagon on the left has been joined to the hexagon on the right by working into the fifth round as you crochet round.  Heidi explains it beautifully here.

how to granny paperweight in stages 015

So keep joining in hexagons around the central hexagon.

how to granny paperweight in stages 016

I found it easier to make “flowers” of seven hexagons, very similar in fact to when you make patchwork fabric hexagons.  This means it isn’t too heavy to work with at any one time, also it keeps the project  nice and easy to pick up if you travel a lot.  Crocheting on public transport means I nearly always have someone sitting next to me who wants to chat about what I am making.  I’ve even given a couple of very impromptu lessons on the bus.

how to granny paperweight in stages 022

This is sort of how you go about joining two of the “flowers” or clusters of seven hexagons.  You need to lay the two sections you are joining together but leave a little gap between them where you will need to add a new hexagon.  Here I’ve placed two single ones so you can see that the gap between the two parts will be filled.  And then you join the single hexagon in to place just as you worked those other hexagons into the cluster.

how to granny paperweight in stages 027

You can also join them in one at a time, practising what works best for you.  I have forgotten to mention my secret aid in helping me to crochet.  When it all gets a bit stressful I have a Werther’s Original and that seems to make me feel a lot calmer and generally I can then work out what I’ve done wrong.   I hope this helps to explain how I make my crochet, and for a much more detailed explanation please look at Heidi’s tutorials.

how to granny paperweight in stages 025

And inevitably, if there is wool or crochet…… then there is a wool inspector who likes to keep an eye on things.

4 thoughts on “Granny’s Paperweight in stages……

    1. Hi Rachelle, Thank you. I think using the tapestry wool really made a difference to the colours working together. Now I just have to hope we don’t get any moths coming in for a nibble!

  1. Just found this by accident and it was so inspirational. The idea of using tapestry wool is such a good one as well. Thank you!

    1. Hi Catherine, glad you found me x
      The tapestry wool looks so much nicer than acrylic yarn and if you buy it as and when form charity shops, car bootys and junk shops then it’s not any more money.
      I prefer to use a fatter wool for the first few rounds (Dmc thickness) and then join the “paperweights” together with a slightly finer brand (vintage Penelope is brilliant if you can find it and the colours are gorgeous and muted).

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