Granny’s Paperweight Crochet Blanket

quilts and crochet outside 039

Last year I saw the most amazing and beautiful crochet blanket on Flickr.  I was completely smitten and just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Finally I decided to try and make one for myself.  I found a really helpful tutorial here on how to make the crochet hexagon (it seems to have two names….Granny’s Paperweight or African Flower)  and began making the hexagons at the start of the year.  I pretty much followed the instructions given there but I changed crochet hook sizes in the fourth round from a 4mm to a 3.25, which I then used for the rest of the hexagon and also for joining them together.

quilts and crochet outside 044

Rather than use acrylic yarn I used tapestry wool.   This was for a couple of reasons, partly because I had a couple of boxes full of vintage tapestry wool that I have been collecting on and off over the years, but also when I tried it out in acrylic I wasn’t so happy with how the colours blended.  I made an acrylic blanket last year and the colours were really bright and colourful but it didn’t look right for this blanket.  And another big positive for using tapestry was the huge colour range.  Even if I had just stuck to one brand name then the range would have been in the hundreds….I think I’ve used over 20 shades of yellow alone.

quilts and crochet outside 048

These photos were taken in my back garden and the blanket doesn’t look so bright inside, because a lot of the wool I used was “vintage” (actually some was from the forties) the colours seem quite muted indoors….. and it looks like it could have been made years ago.  The blanket isn’t quite finished as I need to make about 2 dozen half hexagons to make the top and bottom of the blanket straight, and I am still trying to work out what to do on the sides as they are curling in and that just annoys me.

quilts and crochet outside 049

So far I’ve sewn in just over two thirds of the ends.  There are over 400 hexagons, each hexagon has 10 ends to sew in….. so yes, over 4,000 little wooly ends to sew in which is a bit of a chore but it’s quite meditative sewing them.  Once the sides are all sorted out I’m hoping to work round some sort of border in cream or grey.   When I am sewing the ends in, Bernard comes along and plonks himself down on it (I think he has decided it is being made for him).   The blanket is quite heavy,  but it is so lovely and warm.  It’s not very comfortable working on it at the moment, but I’m hoping to return to it in a few weeks when it gets cooler in the evenings.

quilts and crochet outside 050

Each hexagon is different in colour, sometimes this is just a slight variation in which shades of a colour are used.  There is a yellow hexagon which is my favourite as it makes me think of primroses (one of my favourite flowers).  I’m really pleased with how it is coming along, and I think this pattern is now my new favourite for crochet.

Thank you so much Andamento for the inspiration and thank you so much Heidi Bears for the fantastic tutorial.


I’ve finally worked out a good way to make the half hexagons, just click here or on the grannies paperweight blaket tag in the side bar……I’ve still (as of April 2016) got umpteen hundreds of woolly tails to sew in, but the blanket is usable (just don’t look at the back), and as you can see, the blanket is getting well and truly loved….in  fact, it’s pretty hard to keep him off it x


31 thoughts on “Granny’s Paperweight Crochet Blanket

    1. Hi Carina, the hexagons are crocheted together when you make the final round. I found it a bit fiddly to begin with but after I had done a few it was a lot easier. Also I used a smaller hook (A Brittany wooden hook in size 3.25mm and this made it a lot easier). If you go to the Heidi Bears link she has a tutorial which explains how the hexagons are joined. I found making clusters of seven and then joining them together helped as well… a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. I’ll post more pictures of another one I am working on which will explain what I mean a bit better. Thank you so much for your kind words

      1. Thank you for answering (and for answering so fast!). I have quite a few hexagons sitting here, waiting to become a blanket (, but never managed to actually get started … Now the “jigsaw puzzle” might actually become a blanket before winter 🙂

  1. I just found your post by searching for crochet blanket in google images. This is stunning! I’m wanting to make a crochet blanket and considering designs and seeing yours has sent this one to the top of my list! My only reservation is the 4,000 ends… 🙂

    1. Hi Janine, thank you ….can I just say I saw the gorgeous socks you’ve knitted on your blog, they are just beautiful, I have a friend who kindly knits me socks at Christmas and think I am going to have to send her a link to your blog.
      Regarding the blanket, I sort of went about making it a silly way really, the hexagon flowers are really really addictive to make and that is where the trouble lays…if I made one again (maybe a small one for Bernard’s basket) I would make up the hexagons in to clusters of seven, and then join all the ends in on those before joining into another cluster. That way the ends aren’t quite so numerous… I’ve added the half hexagons along the top and bottom there are even more woolly tails to sew in….also the blanket is really really heavy so when I’m sewing tails in I need to sit on the floor with my knees bent with the blanket draped over me….please don’t let the woolly tails put you off making one though. I know there is a way you can crochet tucking the tails in as you go, though whenever I’ve tried it I end up with a big fat sausage side which looks a bit lop sided, though after seeing your socks I’m sure you are more than capable of sorting out what I’m doing wrong.
      I also use tapestry wool that I’ve bought from all over, charity shops, jumble sales,car bootys, junk shops, ebay…..and I think the reason the blanket looks so nice (I feel so big headed saying this but it would be false modesty saying “oh it’s only okay”….) is by using tapestry wool there are just so many slight variations in the hues and tones that the hexagons almost pulsate with colour.
      I started the blanket almost 2 years ago, and we are able to use it on the bed (even though it’s not finished) so it’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m the same with my quilts….when I finally decided to make myself a quilt (“dear ethel”….I made a pinterest board for it along with one for the stages of the blanket) I knew it wasn’t going to get done in weekend, showing what I’ve sewn to far to a friend on Friday I realise I’m not really even half way through even though I’ve sewn over 120 6 inch blocks…..
      I don’t live in a very big house so I can’t have piles and piles of quilts and blankets (there would be no where to put them) so I don’t mind too much when things take me a long time. Hope this helps and please let me know if you do make one, as I’d love to know how you get on xx

    1. Hi, thank you for your lovely comment though I’m afraid the blanket isn’t for sale, it’s something I’ve made for myself. I’ve written quite a lot about how I made it (which pattern, hook sizes and that it’s made out of tapestry wool which is why there are so many colours in it) …it’s not the fastest blanket in the world to make but is well worth the effort xx

  2. I just love it! Sooo beautiful! And since I have been collecting all kinds of yarn for several years, I might be able to get at least half of the colour-variety that you have in yours. Lovely to find your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment…I’m sure your blanket will be stunning. This is a great way to use up yarn oddments and as always the more colour the better xx

  3. Hiya….. thought you might like to know that the Yarndale facebook page shared this blog post, and it’s then been shared by Attic24 on her facebook page too. Lots and lots of lovely comments about your work and your blog 🙂 …when I see you next I’;ll bring my laptop so I can show you 🙂 …my very clever, very crafty, very talented sister xx

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know, I’ve quickly added a couple of links to the blanket getting tested for cosiness (by guess who) at the bottom, as the colours are more true in those photos than in the sunshine xx WIsh I was going to Yarndale though I think I would explode!

    1. Hi ALison, thank you for such a nice comment…it was teh same for me when I saw the blanket Andamento made, I fell so head over heels in love with the one she made…’s not a 5 minute make but then the pleasure it’s given us (and Bernard) has lasted much longer than a quick make ever could.
      If you’re interested, just click on the grannies paperweight blanket tab at the side and most of my workings out and progress, colour workings are there to share.

    1. Hi Robyn, at teh moment It’s having an allwed rest as I’ve entered it in to the Caithness Craft Collective unkal over on Ravelry, where I won’t sew in any more tails until the 1 st June…and then…it’s a woolly tail sewing frenzy to get it all finished by Sept 1st…I’m also hoping to be able to work an edging all the way around as well x

      1. Id say you’ve earned a rest Ericka 😃😃
        Must pop on over to Ravelry to see if I can find the unkal.
        I picked up my own hook again yesterday to try this again too.
        Thanks for the inspiration!

      2. To be fair I can’t actually remember the last time any woolly tails were sewn in, but knowing I can’t work om it until June has really made my fingers twitch. Luckily I’ve a cupboard full of un-finished things so won’t be bored in the meantime.
        Can’t wait to hear more on the progress of your own blanket.
        caithness craft collective unkal

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