Early one morning…..


Thanks to a rather meowy kitty (who was just wanting his tummy rubbed before he ate his breakfast…there was food in his bowl but he needed me to get up at the crack of dawn, go all the way downstairs and rub his tummy first) I woke up rather early this morning and then couldn’t get back to sleep. So decided to just get up and go put the kettle on and spend an hour or so sewing some small patchwork squares before anyone else woke up.

The little patchwork squares I’m sewing are 2 1/2 inches with 1/4 inch seam allowances so once they are joined they are measuring 2 inches.  I’m quite happy to work this size and enjoy working small.   Last summer I made a little doll’s quilt for my friend Sasha (who makes the most amazing toys) and the squares on that measured something like 1 1/4 inches.   Anyway, had an hour or so of quiet sewing before Bernard came through to see what I was doing, he managed to plonk himself down on my lap, being right in the way and cuddled down for a post breakfast nap.

I’m sewing with some soft brown silk thread I bought from an antiques shop, the colours range from mushroom and fawn right through to darker chocolate and chestnutty shades.  The silk is incredibly strong yet as fine as spiders silk, it is fantastic for piecing smaller patchwork.  The quality of it is just so nice, no tangles at all.

Rest of the morning was spent drinking nice coffee, then more cups of tea, making bread and then while the oven was heating I roasted some  peppers which had gone a bit soft  (they don’t take long to roast and are nice with goats cheese for packed lunch sandwiches).


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